Bhozi nights

“on the first sunday of the month the cuys at Evolokxion put together ubelievable sessions, just an example of the vosloorus youth doing what they do best, make history. Check out Evolokxion at”

Bhozi nights

It was a crisp clear saturday evening when Dj Viwe alongside Jacob brought a 21st birthday party to its knees with one of the
best, most unexpected sets the Uber Goblin has ever witnessed. This is how it went down. The local legend Dj Zidane was
ripping the deep soulful vibes, as per usual, with momoth tracks like Revenge causing chaos ekasi. Round about the time Dj Zidane’s set was
reaching it’s climax, something was happening in the background, a keyboard was being setup… a mic stand was being
erected and a djembe drum was being set down, the crowd got curioser and curioser.

Jacob a.k.a Jigga-man, a keyboard player and percussionist based in Vosloorus, South Africa, sat down on a stool just behind the decks and clutched the drum between his knees. Every goon in the crowd was ogling the seated musician, bated breath and an uneasy calm was writhing through the air as Dj Viwe relieved Dj Zidane, who had done his fair share for the night. The needle hit the wax and an electric cool resonated from the speakers, patta ta ta patt, was the sound on lookers heard coming from the drums and amplified by the speakers. dum dum patta ta ta patt, the groove was most certainly set.

With Viwe lacing the beat and Jacob banging the djembe all was trully good in the hood. As if that were not enough, Jacob turned his attention to the keys which got the street in a state, neighbors were peering over the walls to see who the f*ck this kid was, sic. The climax of the set occured when Viwe dropped a schweet accapella of Osunlade’s My Reflection, while Jacob Banged on the drums creating their own Cherry Groove version of the track, I pity the guy who played after Viwe and Jacob. Underground lives, FCK THE FAME.

So if you see jacob, or Viwe in a hood near you… be nice, say hi

Prima -the Uber Goblin


Deep with The Don

This past saturday I had the pleasure of listening to a few tracks with one of Vosloo’s finest, Dj Viwe a.k.a The DON. It was a sweltering mid Saturday when The Don, his boys and myself had a bit of an impromptu listening session. Of the tracks reviewed , Dj Viwe was really feeling Nick Holders 2012 EP(me thinks he liked the sexy lyrics), this album truly reflects Viwes sound, funky, rhythm driven and vocal.

Dj Viwe is based in Vosloorus, a township in Gauteng, South Africa. He is a house dj extrodinaire and has a semi cult following among his fans who never miss his gigs. He started mashing vinyl and scorching decks while still in Sunward Park High school, where his name is now legendary. Known for his cool demeanor, and rock star personality, fans and peers respect and like The Don not only for who he is, but also for what he does, and how he does it.

Dj Viwe is part of the super clique Cherry Groove Collective, more about the collective will be unraveled soon enough, in days to come. If you see The Don, be nice… say hi.

Dj Prima – The Uber Goblin

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